Founded in June 2016 by personal trainer Steve Shannon, COMS Fitness is a REPS approved industry educator, specializing in unconventional and minimalist training methods with a focus on steel mace, kettlebell and body weight exercise.


The COMS approach was developed to not only increase strength and conditioning but to also promote durability and longevity. Unlocking our potential to move as nature designed, with multi-joint efficiency in multiple plains of motion as one fluid and powerful unit and increasing our kinesthetic intelligence (the bridge between our intention and how we actually move) and reactive strength (the ability to react to movement before and as it happens) - the result of the COMS Fitness approach is a higher standard of general physical preparedness.


Clients of COMS Fitness range from professional athletes, other health and fitness professionals, armed forces and emergency services workers to high level executives and every day fitness enthusiasts.


Whatever the background, the COMS Fitness goal is to arm the student / client with the knowledge and skill to train effectively on their own with minimal to no equipment.


REPs Accredited


The COMS Fitness Steel Mace Instructor course is the first of it's kind in New Zealand.

With its unique design and off-set load the steel mace is the ultimate tool for developing rotational power, grip strength and overall kinesthetic intelligence.


Learn why this ancient warrior practice is rapidly gaining popularity among athletes in the west and how to safely and effectively train yourself and coach others.

Included in the Course:

  • 5kg steel mace (NZ students only, while stocks last).

  • PDF manual.

  • 30 + video's.

  • Discount to live level one certifications.

  • 12.5 CPD points (upon successful completion of the course).



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Born and raised in Hamilton, New Zealand, a husband and proud father of three, Steve's education in fitness began with the martial arts at an early age.


Studying multiple traditional styles,  Steve’s passion for the arts continued into adulthood where amongst other achievements he was tested and passed as Balintawak Arnis (Filipino stick fighting) instructor by Grand Master Bobby Taboada.


Beginning his career as a fitness professional in 2011 he has continued to further his own education compiling a long list of qualifications. Notably, he is accredited as a steel mace instructor by both the ONNIT Academy and the father of western mace training Rik Brown, aka Mr Maceman; thus combining both traditional and hard style methods. Steve is also the Waikato assessor for NZ Iron: Hardstyle Kettlebell training institute, educating and certifying other health and fitness professionals.


With a willingness to share his knowledge and a passion for helping others, Steve has become a sought after unconventional training coach.




747 Victoria Street,
Hamilton 3024,
New Zealand